I believe that home really is where my bed is. And for the past two years my bed has mostly been located in Kunming, Yunnan.

Arriving in this city in China just over two years ago I thought, oh crap, what have we done!

But the fact that I’m still here after 2 years I realise my initial reaction was just excitement and it was one of the most amazing things I’ve done.

So, Kunming!

Chinese cities don’t usually get great reviews by travellers. They are the place to stay, a base, somewhere you have to get to and get out of in order to go to the place you really want to. Kunming is not. You get in and you tend to want to stay around. It has a (relatively) relaxed pace to it, people wander through the streets (and we, the local laowai, rush through like it’s an obstacle course), the food is incredible, the markets full of wonderful things from the four corners of this diverse province, the mountains and great climbing spots are just a short bus trip away, there’s a good music scene, the air is quite clean and there are plenty of quirky and odd things to discover.

The next few posts will be on places in and around Kunming, places you can enjoy in a day. So, zou ba!

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