China – Two Years of Sundays

Over the two and a half years that I lived in Kunming, I spent many a Sunday hiking or attempting to hike. It was our pact to try and get out of the city every Sunday. To leave the dust and noise behind and break out into greener lands that would take us back to nature and give us that ‘feels like I’ve been away for a week’ feeling. Sometimes it would and it’d be fantastic, sometimes…. not so much.

It usually involved making plans for getting up early, with a picnic all organised the evening before. This very VERY rarely happened. More often than not, Saturday night we’d go out and the bright and early Sunday start would makes its way from an enthusiastic ‘let’s get up at 8am!!’ to a ‘errr-lunch time-ish?!’ Food would be grabbed on the way, usually something not very tasty (shrimp crackers, dried meat?!) that would be eaten anyway due to lack of general food. Or sometimes not, depending on if we had the ‘I’m sure we can find something to eat when we get there.. there’s bound to be plenty of fresh fruit or veg” conversation.  And 90% of the time we’d forget to fill up the several flasks/water bottles lying around at home and would try to buy a bottle on the way as we made a mad dash for the bus, and of course, we’d end up with a small bottle of water as every shop seemed to have run out of da pings right at that very moment!

Despite the “challenges”, I have plenty of beautiful Sunday memories. Sometimes old places revisited with new friends, sometimes new places visited with the old. So, putting aside the rumbling tummies and sun-burnt skin, here’s a collection of some of those good old Sunday hikes..

DSC_1242 DSC_1247 kun1 2 14 DSC_0458 300474_10150301574819340_1005528749_n 5612614808_34752dfba1_b 5612597788_03de4c8e7c_b 5612022119_9d148c7690_b 5612607390_078dfeb114_b 5612022129_706709eac8_b


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