Heckington Show: The Largest Village Show in England

With 150 years of experience under it’s belt,  Heckington Show stands with the best of them. Set over 2 days, it has the spirit of a traditional village fair but gives some of the bigger agricultural shows a good run for their money. Boasting over 250 trade stalls, dog shows, donkey shows and horse jumping, a concert marquee, bouncy castles and fun fair rides, vintage machinery and a fantastic re-enactment section there’s plenty to keep everyone entertained.

The food choice is fantastic, with plenty of Lincolnshire goodness on offer , including vegetarian stir-fry, enough cakes to last you for the next month and a huge selection of locally made pies. The Craft and Antiques Marquees although sweltering (thanks to this amazing weather we’re having)  were some of the best I’ve seen in a while, with really original, beautifully made pieces.

The Horticulture Marquee really captures the essence of the village show, with tables of vegetables, floral arrangements, cakes and crafts proudly on display. There were some great entries in the junior section, the “roast dinner” necklace was definitely a winner!

The weekend also includes the Midlands oldest road race, the 10 Mile Road Race which has been going since 1965, grass track cycle racing, a fireworks display and of course cattle and sheep. There are some beautiful local breeds on show as part of the special displays, such as the Lincolnshire Longwool Sheep, Lincoln Red Cattle and Lincolnshire Buff Poultry.  There were some very cute Curly Coated Mangalitza piglets there too, which from what I understand are a mix between the Lincolnshire Curly Coat (which became extinct in 1972) and the Mangalitza from Hungary. Click to read more about the story of the “Lincolista”.

I know it sounds really unoriginal to say it but there REALLY is something for everyone at Heckington Show. It’s perfect for families, everyone brings their dog along, it’s relaxed, it’s interesting, it’s outdoors, it’s just plain good!


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