Green Spaces: Boekenberg Park

My ideas for Green Places in Antwerp posts are piling up so here goes my attempt at getting through them, Boekenberg Park. Wild and spacious, the park offers a beautifully designed ecological swimming pond, and all of this just a short cycle away from the centre of Antwerp.

Perfect for a picnic

The swimming pond in Boekenberg Park opened in 2007. It was the first ecological swimming pond in Belgium and the largest swimming pond in Europe. The plants purify the water naturally, it’s feels so good to swim in the cool water without the smell of chlorine burning your nose. On a hot day it gets very busy. Really busy. Expect to wait at least half an hour in line before a swim and then you only have 15 minutes before they call you out for the next group. Is it worth it? Yes!

For the brave souls out there, pick a day when it’s not baking hot and the children are not on holiday yet…and tell me how it goes.

Antwerp's ecological swimming pond

Antwerp’s ecological swimming pond

New vocab: Zwemvijver – swimming pond For more info and opening times visit here.


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